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Picture and Retail Price Listing 2018

We are quite passionate about our Topiary Plants that is reflective in the way we portray our Plants to the Public in the Form of Photographic Material that we have collected over the years.


This is evidenced by the managed categories that we have displayed so that you may identify our price list with the shape of the Plant and an ascending Diameter head comparison.


By clicking on each Category you will be able to open the Picture and Price Category of your choice.


We hope you enjoy this journey as much as we have. 

Please click on the highlighted Categories as noted below to view Prices and Pictures.


           Topiary Plant Picture and Price Listing Index                   


 2      Cloud Trees

 3       Columns

 4.1    Combinations of Topiary - Section 1
 4.2     Combinations of Topiary - Section 2
5.1     Cones Section 1
 5.2     Cones Section 2

 6         Cubes


 8.1      Half Standards Section 1
 8.2      Half Standards Section 2

        Hedge Trough and Hedging Plants

 10.1     Mini Standards
10.2     Pleached Topiary

 11.1      Pom Poms Section 1
 11.2      Pom Poms Section 2

 12         Pyramids

 13         Quarter Standards
 14.1     Spirals Section 1
14.2     Spirals Section 2                                                      

  15        Standards

  16.1     Unusual Shapes 

  16.2     Ornamental Shapes & Mushroom Shapes

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