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Opportunity to Purchase a Franchise for the Sale and Hire of Topiary Plants and Planters with effect from the 1stMarch,2018.

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Introduction of Opportunities for the Sale and Hire of Topiary

The concept of Pilot Franchising Topiary plants came to me whilst I was in Holland 9 years ago, I realised that the United Kingdom needed a unity of strength to compete with the Dutch, who have their own system in place of a unified syndication of growers and agents throughout the Netherlands.

All purchases of goods will be at cost. You will have the benefit of Bulk Buying from our combined Franchisees, whilst we will negotiate the very best prices on your behalf with our suppliers as well as support-details of which are noted below.

For this purpose the Franchisor is Topiary House Ltd and each Franchisee will trade under the name of “The House of Topiary “followed by the name of the county of your choice.

We have provided a designated Postal Area Map of the UK and Northern Ireland with sales territory boundaries for each Franchisee. If you are interested in purchasing a designated area for this purpose, please let us know? – Each application will be considered. - An application and a copy of the Franchise agreement and Trade Price Listing will follow, once we are in receipt of your interest to pursue this matter further.

Please feel free to contact us at

Summary of Opportunities

1) Cost of Franchise:
 Participation costs Maximum £500 one off fee for Pilot Franchisees-County and Pilot Distributors-Towns £250..

2) Partnership

I believe franchising specifically Topiary plants through an ongoing association with Landscapers, Gardeners, Landscape Architects, etc. in partnership, through the means of franchise, is a step in the right direction

3) Photographic Images

We are quite passionate about our Topiary Plants that is reflective in the way we portray our Plants to the Public in the Form of Photographic Material that we have collected over the years as well as a good system in place.

4) Price Lists

The Price List has been made up of many suppliers who each depend on availability in terms of what they have stocked and are able to supply for the term of their season.

It has always been our ambition to offer our customers a truly comprehensive range of all sizes and choice, with our speciality in Topiary Plants and Ornamental Structures.

5) Representation

This gives a wide spread representation and choice of species of Topiary Plants in different sizes which we have allocated according to species , displaying the sizes, according to Height and Diameter, as well as Price, in an ascending order.

6) Variation of Price-Size- Height and Diameter/Capacity

In some cases we have displayed a variation of Price for a particular Topiary Plant of the same species, same height or diameter from a different supplier giving you a choice of Price difference which is only allocated to Franchisees and Distributors.

7) One Price List extracted from many suppliers

The Price lists that we receive are articulately extracted into one Price List that we as a Pilot Franchisor supply our Pilot Franchisees and Pilot Distributors throughout the UK.

The Prices are selected carefully extracting the best price for our clients sourced from many of our suppliers in Europe who we have developed a close relationship with us over the last 13 years.

8) Comparative and Variety of Species sorted in Shape /Size Order

You will find comparative prices for the same size from which you can make your choice.

This One Price List covers a large portfolio of Varieties of Topiary Plants and is set out alphabetically within the Category of Shape e.g. Balls, Cones etc.

Within the Shape Category we have listed the Variety in Height/ Diameter in an ascending order which assists in determining your size and Price requirements very quickly.

9) Periodic Reviews.

These Price Lists are reviewed once a year and it must be understood that each supplier carries different varieties of stock, sizes, species, heights, capacity, etc. and have persevered to provide a wide spectrum of species of plants. We will from time to time delete and apply additions of stock items via our newsletter to you

10) Reputable Suppliers

The stock is sourced from reputable blue chip suppliers who have been in business for many years that give good quality and delivery service. Price and Name Tagging is also available on request.

11) Terms of delivery

These conditions involve all offers and deliveries of Topiary House Ltd t/a The House of Topiary. All prices and sizes mentioned are subject to growth and weather conditions.

All prices exclude VAT, pallets and (coloured) labels, transportation, unless otherwise agreed. Shipping and transportation are the risk and the expense of the purchaser and must ensure that they have adequate insurance to cover the goods transported.

Stock availability are subject to the suppliers stock reserves no guarantees are given therefore, however, we will advise you on receipt of your order in need. Offers are optional and not binding. Prices are subject to printing-failures and changes. Topiary House Ltd t/a The House of Topiary will in no case accept a liability claim higher than the invoiced sum. We will not be responsible for any indirect damage.

12) Photographic Images

This is evidenced by the managed categories that we have displayed so that you may identify our price list with the shape of the Plant and an ascending height comparison.

We hope you enjoy this journey as much as we have.

13) Topiary Plant Category Picture Index

1) Balls

2) Cloud & Bonsai Topiary Plants

3) Columns & Cylinders

4) Combinations of Topiary

a) 2 Balls on Stem

b) 2 Balls on 2 Stems

c) 3 Balls on Stems

d) 3 Stems with 3 Balls

e) 4 Balls on Stem

f) General Combinations

5) Cones

6) Cubes

7) Espaliers

8) Half Standards

9) Hedging Plants and Troughs

10) Mini Standards

11) Ornamental and Mushroom Shaped Plants

12) Pleached Standards and Half Standards

13) Pom Poms

14) Pyramids

15) Quarter Standards

16) Spirals

17) Standards

18) Unusual Shapes

Benefits for Pilot Franchisee and Pilot Distributor Sales

a) All Purchases at Franchisor’s Cost.

b) Stock deliveries directly to your nominated address.

c) Returns Policy available.

d) Run your own business-Operating Sales & Hiring Manual provided (120 Pages) each, available-seen as an extension to your existing operation.

e) Legal Agreement provided and is presently in place for distribution.

f) Pilot Distributors Sales and Hiring pays a (%) to the Pilot Franchisee Sales& Hiring respectively for their purchases and Hiring, whilst Price Lists 2018 will be provided to both respectively.Retail Prices with Photographic displays as seen on the Franchisor web site will be provided with assistance from the Pilot Franchisor on each participant’s web site.

g) Pilot Franchisor passes referral leads to the Pilot Franchisee Sales and Pilot Sales Distributor-County based, as well as for Hiring.

h) Participation costs Maximum £500 one off fee for Pilot Franchisees and Pilot Distributors £250.

i) Franchisor available for Training subject to our terms and conditions covered in the Operating Manual.

j) All Photographic work supplied by the Franchisor.

k) Products complimentary to your existing business.

l) Franchisor handles all Purchase Orders on your behalf and delivery execution. Minimum Order £1000 by Pilot Franchisee £500 Pilot Distributor.

m) Franchisor web site records your participation on and your web site per County.

n) Retail orders are re-directed to Franchisees and Pilot Distributors by the Franchisor.

o) Logos and Brand Names available to appointees.

p) Pictorial Price lists available to Franchisees and Pilot Distributors for 2018 as seen on

q) Topiary Plants, Planters, Organic Compost, of the highest standard supplied by the Franchisor.

r) On going marketing for participants by the Franchisor for appointees ex data base of some 11,000 names. Referrals will be re-directed per County held by the Franchisor..

s) Price list available with Pictorials for participants.

p) We also provide the purchase of foreign currency through our nominated Forex Dealer in London at favourable exchange rates compared to the commercial banks. All our Prices displayed are subject to exchange fluctuations and is ongoing. Rate applied at the time of printing £1= 1.12 Euro

q) We arrange the ordering of goods on your behalf and the delivery to your premises

r) Planters are carefully selected and as with the Topiary Plants displayed assistance will be given for the supply of photographic work for your existing web site on your web site subject to our terms and conditions.

Benefits for Franchisee Hiring and Pilot Distributors Hiring

a) Selected Topiary Stock for “hiring purposes” ordered on your behalf by the Pilot Franchisor.

b) Run your own business- Topiary Hiring Operating Manual available. (120 Pages)

c) Pilot Hiring Distributors order their hiring requirements directly from Pilot Franchisees Hiring.

d) On an ongoing basis we will provide Marketing Referrals to you based on any successful leads within your county by the Pilot Franchisor.

e) Participation costs Maximum £500 one off fee for Pilot Franchisees Hiring and Pilot Hiring Distributors £250.

f) Franchisor available for on the job Training .Refer to Operating Manual Hiring.

g) All Photographic work supplied by the Pilot Franchisor and assistance given to incorporate this facility on your existing web site.

h) Products complimentary to your existing business and seen as an extension of your existing operation.

i) Franchisor web site records your participation on and your web site.

j) Logos and Brand Names available to appointees.

k) Pictorial Price lists available “Introduction to Topiary Hire” to Pilot Franchisee Hiring and Pilot Distributors Hiring.

l) On going marketing for participants by the Franchisor for appointees ex data base of some 11,000 names. Referrals per County passed on by the Pilot Franchisor.

m) Pilot Hiring Distributors pay a % to the Pilot Hiring Franchisee for hiring stock.

n) Hiring Costs are set out in the Operations Hiring Manual setting out a % to be paid to Franchisor.

Support Optional;-Subject to our Terms and Conditions.

a) Periodic Newsletters are sent to each Franchisee and Distributor on topics such as maintenance of plants, additions of Planters and Plants, amendments to web site, Distribution and Transportation, Protection of Plants when Transported, Up and coming Trade Fairs, etc.

b) Subject to prior appointment arrange for Live Demonstrations of Topiary Shaping and Lectures on Topiary/ Hiring at Wedding shows.- especially at trade shows.- “optional”.

c)Tuition given for the maintenance of Topiary Plants e.g.; Type of Fertiliser, Shaping and trimming, Compost, Type of ladders and trimming shears used./and Watering systems- irrigation requirements. “Optional”

d)Pre-drawn up standardized marketing letters e.g. sample letters sent to you for distribution- they can be amended to suit your needs.(Subject to our terms and conditions)

e) All printing and stationery requirements are provided by us, e.g., letterheads, envelopes, and visiting cards, however this is optional should you wish to use your own.

f) On request we can provide and set up a Topiary Garden at your premises, displaying the different types and species of Topiary plants your clients can purchase from you- optional

g) We are committed to providing planet-friendly event solutions for our clients.

h) From sourcing green suppliers to helping you offset the carbon generated by your event, we can design an event that is sensitive to the local and global environment.

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