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Hiring of Topiary Plants for Weddings and Events through the medium of Garden Centres and Garden Nurseries

Introduction and Invitation to Garden Centres and Garden Nurseries

We extend an invitation to all Garden Centres and Garden Nurseries to exhibit our Topiary Plants on their premises for the purpose of Hiring out these plants for Weddings and Events.

This would be seen as an addition to your ongoing business activities and would enhance your Garden Centre existing portfolio.

We are of the opinion that this innovative partnership addition would be an added incentive to your already existing market of clientele and would improve your marketing incentives considerably focussing on Topiary Plants, which you might or might not already have.

We believe that the Hiring of Topiary Plants for Weddings and Events through our existing portfolio of Franchisees located in your area would facilitate any enquiries originating from your centre that are directed to them.

We would arrange the necessary exhibits to be placed on your premises provided they are maintained on an ongoing basis- we would expect a trial period of 12 months to be in place and would be subject to review thereafter.

We are committed to providing planet-friendly event solutions for our clients from sourcing green suppliers to helping you offset the carbon generated by an event, we can design environmental sensitivity to the local and global environment.

Should you wish to make enquiries in this respect please contact Duncan Ormrod at

We attach a Pdf that gives an overview of the Type of plants that we wish to exibit at your Garden Centre or Nursery as well as an introduction to our Hiring Facility.

Please click here to view our hiring exhibit's Presentation for Garden Centres & Nurseries