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We have provided the following quick links for your viewing of Pdf’s in each Main Category and Sub Category of our web site.

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Main Category-Our Services and Brochure

Topiary House Brochure
Topiary House Brosure

Main Category-Our Products

Topiary Planters & Topiary Pots Retail

Planters Retail Price

Main Category-Topiary Planters

The Magnolia Collection

Planters Retail Price

The Lunar Group Collection

The Lunar Group 2a

The Lunar Group 2a

The Lunar Group 2b

The Lunar Group 2b

The Lunar Group 2c

The Lunar Group 2c

Sub Category- Topiary Hire

Introduction to Topiary Hire

Introduction to Topiary Hire Pictorial - Terms and Conditions

Sub Category- Topiary Retail Prices

Consolidation of all sub categories of Balls/Cloud Trees etc

Consolidated Pictorial and Price Listing of all Catergories


Topiary Balls

Cloud Trees

Topiary Cloud and Bonsai Trees

Columns and Cylinders

Topiary Columns & Cylinders

Combinations of Topiary

Topiary Combinations


Topiary Cones ​​​​​​

Topiary Cubes

Topiary Cubes


Topiary Espaliers

Half Standards
Topiary Half Standards

Hedge Troughs and Hedging

Topiary Hedge Troughs and Hedging

Mini Standards

Topiary Mini Standards

Ornamental and Mushroom Shape Topiary

Ornamental and Mushroom Shape Topiary

Pleached Topiary

Pleached Topiary

Pom Poms 

Topiary Pom Poms 


Topiary Pyramids

Quarter Standards

Topiary Quarter Standards

opiary Spirals


Topiary Standards

Unusual Shapes

Topiary Unusual Shapes

Sub Category- Franchise Preview Price Listing

Franchise Price Listing 2018

Sub Category- Franchise Opportunities

Opportunities to Purchase a Topiary Franchise

Sub Category-Topiary Events

Olympic Games London 2012-Kensington Gardens

Chelsea Flower Show

Sub Category-Franchise Operating Manuals & Legal Agreements

Sales Franchise Operating Manual

Hiring Operating Manual

Sub Category-Garden Centres Hiring

Hiring Exhibit's Presentation for Garden Centres & Nurseries

Introduction Presentation to Garden & Nursery Centres