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Topiary Plant Descriptions and Exhibits A-Z

We have endeavoured to display many varieties and species of Topiary Plants in various shapes and sizes with numerous photographic pictures to match a detailed description for each. 

Our full Price Listing of these plants can be viewed Under the Sub Category Topiary Retail Price Listing 2018" on our web site.

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Taxus Bacatta - ConeTaxus Bacatta - Cone
Taxus Bacatta - Height 140/160Taxus Bacatta - Height 140/160
Taxus Bacatta - Spiral LamTaxus Bacatta - Spiral Lam
Thu160ya Compacta Aurea NanaThu160ya Compacta Aurea Nana
Thuya Compacta Aurea NanaThuya Compacta Aurea Nana
Thuya Emeraud  GoldThuya Emeraud Gold
Thuya Occ EmeraldThuya Occ Emerald
Thuya Occ Emeraud - ConeThuya Occ Emeraud - Cone
Thuya Occ Emeraud - height 140-160cmThuya Occ Emeraud - height 140-160cm
Thuya Occ Emeraud Mini StdThuya Occ Emeraud Mini Std
Thuya Occidentalis SmaragdThuya Occidentalis Smaragd
Thuya Occidentalis Smaragd - Pom PomThuya Occidentalis Smaragd - Pom Pom

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