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Topiary Planters Retail & Trade Pictorial Price Listing


To browse our entire collection of contemporary Topiary Planters Section 1 and Section 2, click on the 'Planter Pdf's' below.

We have introduced two sections for our viewers.- 

Section 1

The Magnolia Collection

The Planters displayed we have stock available at the time of going to press, however, this is subject to availability at the time of receiving an order.

Retail” is available on request and is directed towards the consumer as reflected in the Price List noted here under in the format of a Pdf; displaying pictures of the planters together with the enhancement of a Topiary Plant- the latter can also be ordered should it be required.

Minimum Retail Orders Requirements £500 exclusive of vat.

Payment on receipt of confirmation of order.

“Trade” is also directed in the form of a display for Landscapers, Garden Designers, Property developers, Architects, Builders, etc. and we would require verification of a trade order request.

Trade Price list can be obtained from

Minimum Order Trade Requirements £1000 exclusive of vat

Payment on receipt of confirmation of order.

Section 1 Pdf Topiary Plant Retail Price List

The Magnolia Collection

Pdf Topiary Planter Retail Price List-Attached

Section 2
The Lunar Group Collection -
(Container Shipment Orders)

The Lunar Group Collection (Container Shipment Orders)

Seldom does one find a manufacturer of Planters and Accessories whose products display a symbol of elegance in their surroundings whilst walking around their showroom.

I was asked by the sales attendant which items I wanted prices on; my reply was “all of what you have.” The designs and shapes are unique whilst the colour ranges enhances the article giving it a look of grandeur inclusive of their Accessories.
Terms and Conditions
We require Minimum Orders

1x40’ Container; 24 different items which is offered under the same delivery terms as stipulated, whilst an extra charge will be added (10%) if the number of items in a container is exceeded for any reason from the original order.

1x20’ Container but there is a surcharge of £220

We are happy to accept partial orders in order to assist you to fill a 40’ container provided that we receive other partial orders to comply with our suppliers minimum order request, subject to our terms and conditions.

This arrangement will be on the understanding that when the container is delivered it is cleared within a reasonable period of time. Should you wish to discuss this further please e-mail

Min. Ordered Qty/each style: Min. Order/ 50-100 pcs/sets (see below picture example)/ A full 40” container/

Manufacturer Delivery lead time: 75-90 days,/ Shipping lead time 30-35days./ Suppliers Delivery lead time 7 days/

Terms of Payment

Price Lists exclude shipping costs and UK transportation, which are notified once confirmed by the shipper and UK Transporters respectively.

50% on confirmation of order, balance on confirmation of Freight on Board./ Trade Price Lists can be obtained from

Please click the following Pdfs;- The Lunar Group Introduction & Collection Catalogue;

Introduction- All Names are Linked to Pdf's
The Lunar Group 2a    ,   The Lunar Group 2b    ,The Lunar Group  2c

Lunar Collection Catalogue Content
Fiberstone Planter Collection                    Poly Coated Collection                Sandstone Collection           
    Fiberstone Collecti  Fon                                   Polly Coated Collection                      Sandstone Collection
                                                                    Polly Coated Decor Fruits

Ficonstone Collection                  Cement Fibre Collection                   Ro Cement Collection

    Ficonstone Colletion                        Cement Fibre Collection                        Ro Cement Collection

1) Natural Cement Part 1
2) Natural Cement Part 2
3) Light Ceramic
4) Slate Life
5) Full Chevlon
6) Antique Cement

                                       Light Fiberstone Collection                         Flow Concrete Collection                            

                                       Light Fibrestone Collection                            Flow Concrete Collection
                                      Light Fiberstone Decor Fruits

                       These Planters are considered as a 10 piece set